Marriages & Obituaries 1870’s – 1920’s

Ways of expression and description change with generations. What was quite ordinary at one time becomes quaint at another. These are some wordings I have culled from a scrapbook of obituaries and marriages given to the Historical Society by Mrs. Ursula Pray. The entries span years between the 1870’s and 1920’s.

A beautiful and accomplished young lady of well-to-do parentage was quietly and secretly married.

Both of the young couple were popular and held in high esteem by all their friends and all wish them the greatest’ success in life.

She possessed an active mind, was well informed and always genial and entertaining in conversation.

Seemingly she was stricken from the roll of the living when in the height of her usefulness.

No expense was spared to speed her recovery.

We often wonder why it is that, the dread Angel of Death in his baleful flight of destruction should so ruthlessly cut down with his sword the best fruits.

To his noble manly qualities he added a genial nature and boyish sweetness that endeared him to all who knew him.

A quiet and beautiful matrimonial was performed when the couple was united in holy wedlock.

Too much cannot be said in praise of his loving companion who was his constant attendant in ministering to all his wants and wishes.

The good work in our cemetery on Monday last 14 teams besides and number of hand laborers put a beautiful gravel road through the yard. What can we do for our dear friends that are gone but to beautify their lasting resting place? What can give us more pleasure than to work and plan for them?

During the long residence here the deceased was prominent here because of his business standing, his interest in public affairs, his force and activity, stalwart physical characteristics, and genial disposition in social affairs.

She had been active in good works. Her life reflected the Christian spirit and teachings. She reared a large family – all good citizens and greatly respected in the community.

For some hours before the bell rang for the nuptial Mass, friends of the popular couple had been combining nature’s fair products of the woods and floral gardens into arches and forms of adornment within the sanctuary,

There was much jollification at the house, but it was only a primer compared with what followed. Friends of the newly wedded couple determined to give them a send off that would go down in history. Consequently when they came out of the house they found a motley combination of quadrupeds and vehicles waiting to give them the most spectacular transportation possible through the streets to the station. Into the dump truck climbed the smiling couple. The entire vehicle had been rimmed. Attached to it were one horse and two cadaverous Line mules, a la tandem.

The bride has lived around Java for several, years and her splendid disposition has won for her the love of all those who know her and no doubt she will make an ideal housewife and helpmate to the groom.

The newly wedded young couple is socially prominent throughout this section and their friends in the various towns hope that they may realize in the fullest measure the happiness of domestic tranquility.

At ten o’clock a sumptuous wedding supper was served the couple were the recipients of a large number of beautiful and costly gifts, which alone speak of the high esteem in which they are held by their friends.

The clergyman, with elegance of manner and language which gave evidence of his proficiency in that line of work, uttered the words of that most significant, impressive and solemn service which unites in bonds indissoluble the hearts and fortunes of man and

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – Whitehall Times – January 11, 1979