Bits and Pieces in 1922

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On 6 October [1922] the Italian Military Band held a band concert and dance in Rush Hall, the Iron Front. Mrs. Guy Walker and Louis L Cameron rendered solos and duets herunterladen. There was dancing from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. with White’s orchestra. Tickets were 75 cents a couple, 25 cents for an extra woman and 35 cents for the concert skype herunterladen installieren.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – January 30, 1986

This Week in Whitehall – October 31st, 2010

This week we’ve seen continued NYWorks progress at the former Martel’s Auto on Poultney Street.  Excavation continues as new or treated soil fills in the trenches presets downloaden lightroom.  Loading of the soil begins very early in the morning and continues through the day.

Hometown paving of former OLA Lot
Hometown paving of former OLA Lot

The site of the former OLA Church was paved over this week herunterladen.  Previously it was a gravel lot for Hometown Chevy, but now has been paved over including two raised parking steps for featured vehicles.

On Thursday paving began on the related roadways in the Saunders, Division, Broadway bridge tunnel project herunterladen.  The roadway was paved down past the Post Office on Broadway.  Saunders Street was paved and work on Division Street looks nearly done.  The bridge concrete seems nearly level with the repaved roadway, and looks ready for paving of it’s own herunterladen.  I expect it to be open in a few weeks.

And on Sunday, we got a taste of Winter’s first snow squalls.  Down on South Bay we received some pretty heavy squalls of flurries and sleet instagram kostenlos downloaden handy.  With the day time temperature in the 40s, there was no accumulation, but demonstrates the winter to  come.  By “Trick or Treat” time, the skies had cleared up ending with a sunny afternoon can beed from sky ticket series.

Bears – Wolves – Panthers 1775

What a contrast in viewing wild animals in 200 years.

This past month [August / September 1975] a bear family has provided entertainment and some trepidation for a family with apple trees north of here kostenlose whatsapp videos zumen. Of course the bears do not visit the trees in the open field but pass them for a tree within 40 yards of the living room window. The tree is now  thoroughly bear-pruned of good and poor branches alike herunterladen.
free hamburg images? Have you ever seen cubs wrestling like kittens or an irate cub slapping his mother when she took an apple away from him? Have you watched cubs scamper up a tree to sit in a crotch and pull apples to them, or seemingly fall down the trunk as they descend backwards video von seiteen iphone? Have you seen bears crop grass and then watched as they fled for cover at their mother’s warning grunt?
There is the other side herunterladen.  One keeps a watchful eye in going to the garden and on the household pits. This is both day and night as the visits of the bears occur any time. Officials are reluctant to attempt capturing the animals to remove them to higher ground because of recent deer tragedies herunterladen. One man said he’d shoot any bear he saw as they have wrecked his honey business for the year.

Disaster struck this bear family as one cub was killed on the Northway herunterladen. They will doubtless meet death with the trigger happy sports who• are waiting for the season to open — and it won’t be for the excuse of killing for food word kostenlos downloaden computer bild.

Two hundred years ago the people of Skenesborough would not be enjoying the antics of bears or other wild animals herunterladen. Their domestic animals had to be securely penned to be safe from the marauders coming out of the forests. A bear often seized a lamb and ran off with it avira kostenlos downloaden chip.

Wolves were a menace.  Mrs. Tryphena Wright of Northeast Skenesborough kept her eight sheep locked in a tree stump at night. But one night the wolves gained entrance, killed all eight and scattered parts of the bodies around the clearing and nearby woods.

Panthers also were a source of terror. If you’ve ever heard their screech, you know the feeling of having your hair stand on end. These animals were common in the woods around Skenesborough. Not man but the domestic animals were their prey, as witnessed by the ancestors of the late Wheaton Bosworth as they fled from the animal stalking their team.

Knowing the depredations of these wild animals, one can understand the last round-up of wolves in Kingsbury which sent the survivors to the hills of Dresden.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – September 11 1975

From the first Town Record Book 1805

In 1805 the town evidently had troubles with animals running loose. By-laws established that stallion colts, one year or older, should not run at large under penalty of $2; that rams should not run at large under penalty of $2; that hogs, pigs and sows should not run at large under penalty of 50 cents eclipse kostenlos downloaden. If anyone should catch the animals that were running at large, they were authorized, if no one claimed them within six days, to put them in the pound lernwerkstatt 7 kostenlos herunterladen.
Horses, sheep and geese should not be free commoners. If they did any damage, they could also be confined to the pound, whether the fence was lawful or unlawful. Roaming animals were a problem and many laws had to do with them or fences to detain musik legal und kostenlosen. At this same 4 April, I783, meeting a description of a fence was given. All fences should be four feet six inches high made of good stuff and well laid instagram sticker kostenlos herunterladen. No hole from the earth three feet upward should be more than six inches and from that to the top should not exceed 12 inches. It would be deemed unlawful to impound any creature which was deemed a commoner unless the field in which such creature be enclosed with a fence of the above dimensions vlc player chip.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – October 5, 1978

(Title Unknown) November 1880

Affection can be held for a favorite automobile but it cannot match that for, an animal which saw long service to man games for laptop for free. George Brett’s sorrel Tom died at the age of 15. He was a Hambletonian colt raised by Columbus xbox one s spiele im hintergrund herunterladen. His fastest record time was 2:29 but he had done better at private recordings.

Owned by H.R streams downloaden chrome. Wait, he was purchased by Mr. Brett in 1869 and became a, family horse. He was so docile a child could manage him, but he would not take the dust of any horse photoshop hintergrund herunterladen. At every funeral he drew the conveyance of the clergyman. His grave was on the west side of Wood creek on George Brett’s farm (Austin’s) and was lovingly lined with straw games online for free.

Doris B like download videos from zdf mediathek. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – October 30, 1980 – (Title Unknown)