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(Title Unknown) November 1880

Affection can be held for a favorite automobile but it cannot match that for, an animal which saw long service to man. George Brett’s sorrel Tom died at the age of 15. He was a Hambletonian colt raised by Columbus. His fastest record time was 2:29 but he had done better at private recordings.

Owned by H.R. Wait, he was purchased by Mr. Brett in 1869 and became a, family horse. He was so docile a child could manage him, but he would not take the dust of any horse. At every funeral he drew the conveyance of the clergyman. His grave was on the west side of Wood creek on George Brett’s farm (Austin’s) and was lovingly lined with straw.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – October 30, 1980 – (Title Unknown)