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Skenesborough Scraps

THIS ISSUE…of The Times is the largest ever published [published July 1976]. We had a 26 page edition at the time of our town’s bicentennial in 1959 but a series of events this week has helped us eclipse the edition published 17 years ago We really feel that to publish 32 pages at this time is nothing short of miraculous, because we didn’t start putting it together until last Wednesday.

We handed most of the photos over to our camera room operator, Ed Touchette, at that time and started feeding copy to our compositor, Clarence Benway, on the same day The type which makes up these pages is a product of a photographic process so we hesitate to set it too far in advance.. because the letters will fade… To further complicate matters, advertising was still arriving in our shop as late as Tuesday night… As these words are written, that evening, we are hopeful that we will be able to get it all together and on its way to our printers in Mechanicville by Wednesday noon.

Jay Arr, Editor of The Whitehall Times – The Whitehall Times – July 1, 1976