A Will of 1839

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When high school students study the works of Shakespeare they tend to be
hilarious when they learn that a feather bed was a prized possession to be willed to a  wife netflix app windows 10en. They do not know how many goose feathers are needed to make a bed or the softness or the warmth it has in cold houses, or that people in northern Europe still sleep between pads of these feathers herunterladen. These feather beds were made into pillows, which have also mainly disappeared. The young folks cannot understand the pleasure a housewife had when her feather beds were high and perfectly smooth after being fluffed up and
made lazarus herunterladen.

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Autograph Books

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Autograph Books were an ideal gift for a female in one’s life during the 19th
century. Highly decorated or plain, expensive or not, the books were to be filled by friends or acquaintances of the owner who avidly sought signatures as do the high school seniors today with their yearbooks Download card game swimming full version for free.

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Anniversary bells for Mr. and Mrs. George Hyatt

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Anniversary bells today for Mr. and Mrs. George Hyatt.


Whitehall is now a National Bicentennial Community do not pdf directly. With the official flag and certificate presentation to come, the community will be farther along with the plans that have been formulated to make Celebration ‘76 a success with the assistance of all Whitehallers wie kann ich meine bilder von icloud herunterladen.

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Whitehall’s Bicentennial


This year 1975 will see the start of the observance of Whitehall’s part in this Republic’s national observance of its Bicentennial. This is the opportunity for Whitehall’s heritage to be written loud and clear, to be let out of obscurity caused by emotionalism over one man’s later treason, lack of thorough research, dominance of nearby community events, and just plain lack of knowledge of our community’s history abacus herunterladen.

Whitehallers are really proud of their community, although their words sometimes seem to belie the fact. Now is the time to spread the word of Revolutionary action, men, and national significance of the events that happened in Whitehall, the Champlain Valley, New York State and the nation herunterladen. Let us show our pride in our heritage.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – January 2, 1975