Benedict Arnold’s Fleet

Have you looked at the framed piece of wood in the National Commercial Bank? The plaque reads “Part of oak rib of one of the last three vessels of Benedict Arnold’s war fleet, which were scuttled in Skenesborough Harbor (Whitehall) July 7, 1777 origin download op pc. Parts of these wooden vessels, together with several cannon and other munitions of warfare, were removed by the Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company during the summer of 1910 while dredging the Barge Canal entrance to Lake Champlain.”

Five ships of Arnold’s fleet took part in this battle of Skenesborough herunterladen. The three destroyed there at that time were sloop Enterprise which was burned, and the schooner Revenge and galley Gates which were blown up and burned dj 2000 nederlands downloaden. The other two were captured and were in the service of the British for some time. These were galley Trumbull and schooner Liberty, the latter the first armed vessel in the United States Navy filme von gopro herunterladen.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – Whitehall Times – January 11, 1973