Events From mid-1770’s to 1922

Someone took time to record events in Whitehall on dates from mid-1770’s to 1922. These bits of local history were gleaned for the month of September by collecting the dates by decades and months.

10/1781 British Commissioners met New Hampshire Grants at Skenesborough to arrive at some agreement for joining together. Unsuccessful attempt.

14/1777 Burgoyne ordered British troops to evacuate Skenesborough.

6/1814 Root’s Hebron Regiment of Militia embarked at Whitehall in two sloops for Plattsburgh to aid Macomb with only six effective muskets in the whole regiment!

10/1833 Delegates from Clinton, Essex, Washington Counties met at the Clinton House in Whitehall to deliberate the opening of a road on the west side of Lake Champlain.

10/1841 The recently organized Lodge I.O.O.F. first occupied their new rooms in the John G. Boyce Building.

19/1844 The Democratic Congressional Convention at Whitehall called at Anglo Saxon Hotel was postponed to 15 October for lack of delegates.

25/1847 A law passed authorizing people to vote on proposition of dividing the village into three wards, each ward to select two trustees annually.

14/1863 A slate slab sidewalk was completed from the Old National Bank to Dayton’s corner (Bellamy Street), the first of its kind in Whitehall

19/1867 Bishop McClusky deeded to the village land where the Catholic Church stood at corner of Saunders and Church streets.

27/1867 The cornerstone of Our Lady of Angels was laid.

27/1865 William P. Potter entered the U. S. Naval Academy.

17/1873 Some persons broke into the lockup. A reward was offered.

25/1874 Barnum’s Circus exhibited on the “depot meadows”.

25/1875 Herbert Bros, opened a slate quarry on Hatch Hill.

4/1883 Whitehall Lumber Company commenced a new mill.

26/1905 Ground was broken for Flee-man Knitting Mill on the Bar. This was afterwards known as the Staso Paint Company which began business 1 October, 1906.

7/1916 An informal meeting was held at Dennis’s office to talk of advisability of organizing a savings and loan.

28/1918 The campaign for the 4th Liberty Loan opened.

25/1922 The new State Road to Fair Haven was opened.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – Whitehall Independent – September 7, 1983