Nicole soaks Whitehall

Run off From Tropical Storm NicoleThe former tropical storm Nicole dumped 3.42¹ inches of rain on Whitehall beginning Thursday evening, September 30th, 2010, and continued throughout Friday.  The rain began slowly Thursday evening, but at about 10:30pm the heaviest rainfall began.

Gusts reached up to 42mph¹ and an overly saturated ground from a half inch of rain just two days prior caused a large amount of runoff and minor flash flooding.  The Mettawee river crested at 6.59 feet above normal at 6:30pm².

The storm was a good test of the recent construction over the last two years on the storm drainage system.  No significant flooding of village roadways occurred at previous problem spots.

¹ Data according to South Bay Computers weather station at South Bay, Whitehall, NY
² Data according to station monitoring the Mettawee