(No Title) “Day Before Yesterday”

A Bicentennial project of the Town Historian is a picture essay of the Town of Whitehall. Entitled “Day Before Yesterday” it will soon be off the press of the Whitehall Times.

The purpose of the book, besides celebrating the Bicentennial, is to present in permanent form the perishable scenes of our town. It is hoped it will bring to light many other pictures, postcards, snap shots, and fliers that may be copied for preservation.

The book contains over three hundred pictures of scenes and events of Whitehall. Pictures of people included are to represent some industry or organization. The histories of the town’s transportation systems, the industries, the schools, are captioned for identifications and location.

This project is sponsored by Supervisor Horace Scott and the Town Board. Pic-tures, loaned, were copied by G & M Photos. Editorial advice was given by the editor of the Whitehall Times Benjamin Carpenter. The president of the Historical Society of Whitehall Carol Greenough assisted in planning.

The pictures come largely from the files of the Historical Society, Skenesborough Museum, and the Town Historian. These have been given over the years by individuals for preservation. Many others have loaned materials to be copied for the book.

Five hundred copies are being printed for sale. Requests may be made to the Whitehall Times or the Town Historian.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – June 23, 1977