October’s Icy Fog

October continues getting cold as the first killing frosts have started to brown up the shorter grass. A thick fog settled over the village several days this week, including some frost for some window scraping on the morning commute herunterladen iphone bilder.   Several wind storms have removed a bulk of the leaves from the trees. Sunrise is now later in the day as we approach winter.

Former Martel's Auto Soil Excavation The former Martel’s Auto has seen some activity sims 3 mac.  NY Works has begun excavation of soil.  After excavation, the soil is removed. The excavation activities will likely reduce the probability of the temporary truck inspection stations that have been set up in this area audi mmi telefonbuch herunterladen.

The Town of Whitehall recently decided that it may be moving into the Skenesborough Firehouse, and occupying a majority of the “carpeted” space free burner. This move will take the Town offices from the canal building to the firehouse just a few hundred feet up the road. The Town of Whitehall has been occupying the canal building since a neighboring fire forced them from the previous office, now currently occupied by City Steaks and Seafood angry birds free german.

In other town discussions, recently the town decided to discontinue payments for free electricity offered on the canal wall behind the museum spotify podcast automatisch herunterladen. This will reduce canal wall boat parking, but hopes to increase use of the two Marinas below lock 12 to the north, whom recently announced their pending closure herunterladen.