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A True Dog Story

In Dresden in 1885 farmer Barrett owned a cocker spaniel. For over five years the dog had shown a great love for geese, especially the goslings. She swam in the water
among them. They in turn accepted her presence. People enjoyed watching them. One day the dog disappeared. She was mourned for a week when she appeared
starved and haggard. She was promptly fed but after gorging herself she seized a bone and disappeared again in the thick underbrush.

A few days later the dog reappeared in worse condition than before. But this time a string was tied around her neck and when she whined to be let loose her master followed her at the end of the string. She seemed delighted that he came along. Mr. Barrett worked his way through the bushes and stopped only when the dog stopped before the nest of a large white goose. He loosened the string. The goose rose up from the nest, showing nine large blue tinted eggs. The dog wagged her tail and then carefully arranged her body so that it covered all the eggs. She mutely begged understanding from her master.

Mr. Barrett visited the nest frequently. A week later nine lively goslings appeared with the delighted dog. The goose led her family down to the lake and all plunged in,
where they were greeted with “three cheers and a tiger” as the editor of the Whitehall Times explained it.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – August 1, 1985