War of 1812 Ships

From many sources we learn that the story of the ships of the War of 1812 in East Bay has spread over the United States, south to Florida and west to California. Capping the experience is the telephone call received from London from a diver who wishes to participate in next year’s archeological diving if possible. Another writer tells of a renewed interest in life’s affairs when he read the story, and the Kiwanis of Ticonderoga would like the history of these ships. All inquirers were surprised to learn that Whitehallers knew of the existence of the ships that need to be protected from amateurish exploration.

The fifth U.S. Ticonderoga, CG47, will be commissioned 22 January 1983 at Ingalls Shipbuilding, West Bank Facility, Pascagoula, Miss. This town and village historian has received an invitation to be present at the commissioning and the reception afterwards from the captain, officers and crew. It will be remembered that Skenesborough Museum sent a plaque with a piece of the first Ticonderoga and a nail to the christening of this ship last spring, presented for Whitehall by the president of the Ticonderoga Chamber of Commerce and the village mayor.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – Whitehall Times – January 6, 1983