Window Displays [1976]

Bicentennial displays of the organizations are beginning to fill the store windows for the Old Home Week observance.

In Sach’s Jewelry store the Rural Charity Club’s aims — Faith, Hope, Charity — are explained delightfully in words and serio-comic models.
In Aiken’s restaurant the Senior Citizens have placed articles that suggest a century ago in the home — women’s dress with apron holding a water pitcher and candle stick, a child’s traveling trunk, Dresden plate sofa and locket, stand with doilies cushion, braided rug, and bouquet of dried flowers.

Broadway Market window contains Mettowee Valley Business and Professional _ Women’s Club objectives for women with streamers that lead from an enlarged picture of its emblem.

In TexGas window are the implements that recall a small home industry of candy making of Mattie and Bella Henry. The peanut roaster, the cart used in drawing the candy bags, the scales, marble and hook that pulled the taffy are displayed.

In Jumbo’s IGA Market is the exhibit of the Elementary School Art Club. It is a mural – with a center eagle spread 1776-1976, with 16 individual posters surrounding it, expressing each child’s bicentennial conception.

Doris B. Morton, Town Historian – The Whitehall Times – July 1, 1976